Our Team

Sith Lord
Geek from way back (before geeks were cool), loves Latte's and all things sci-fi. Torn between Star Trek, Star Wars, and LOTR… Loves to spend time with his family, reading, and true to his geek roots, programming is his main hobby and passion.
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Text Wrangler
World Traveling Battleship Sailor and Music Connoisseur, "Keep Calm And Listen To Jerry"
Code Monkey
Avid gamer and epicure. Reserved type with a penchant for listening to classical music.
Code Monkey
Increases average height of most organizations outside of the NBA. Volunteers when it is required. Counts his blessings that his wonderful wife and three boys claim him as theirs.
Zoo Keeper
Loves his family, Springsteen, all things baseball, Starbucks, and bacon. Starting to enjoy Country music but will deny it.
Code Monkey
Really bad golfer but loves playing anyway, long suffering Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies fan and aerospace history wonk. Learned to program on an original Commodore PET when 4KB of memory seemed like a lot of space. Still waiting for Duran Duran to make a big comeback. Husband of a terrific wife, father of 3 great kids.
Code Monkey
Audiophile who spends too much time cleaning LP’s and replacing tubes in his amplifier. Started programming when Commodore was vogue. Fortunate to have a loving wife and daughter who support my geekyness and with whom I enjoy my time when not behind the keyboard.
Slayer of demons, closer of Oblivion gates, our heroic champion Frank, has set upon a new quest to vanquish code bugs. There are legends that say that he once climbed a light pole and sat on top.
Pixel Wizard
Human encyclopedia of movie and television quotes, he has one for every occasion whether we like it or not. Activities include spending time in the rugged outdoors and smoking the occasional good cigar. You could say he is a robust blend, with a nutty finish.
Office Mom
Loves family time and her dogs. Indispensable for team morale, first to encourage, last to disparage. Also an owner, so get back to work!
Code Monkey
Anthropologist turned programmer. Dog lover. Left handed. Not to be trusted around sweets.
Drum Playing music lover and food aficionado, affectionately known as the human vacuum cleaner when good food is nearby.
Pixel Poohbah
Uses either Photoshop or Illustrator for everything, including cleaning his garage and fixing a snack. Blessed with a wonderful wife and two children, he loves spending time with his family, hiking, kayaking and fishing.
Mike loves boating, camping, and mountain vacations if only he had the time. Mike once landed a plane in a pasture that now is a city. What fun! Oh, I should also mention he feeds bears, panthers, and manatees!
Code Monkey
Fortunate to have a wonderful family, friends and dogs in my life. Can't whistle but its not needed to enjoy the outdoors, good coffee, chocolate and running.
Safety Dancer
Possessor of more useless trivia than Cliff Claven. Survivor of La trouée d'Arenberg, the Great Valentine's Day ice storm of 1990, and at least one direct encounter with each of D'arcy Wretzky, Al Jourgensen, and Joan Jett. Systems vaquero. Keeper of the etherkiller.
Water Boy
Loves long walks on the beach, romantic novels, and spending time with his family. Curveballs curve because of magic. Believes the Whatchamacallit is the best candy bar ever invented. Buys Girl Scout Thin Mints by the case. Future plans include representing the Country of Texas (post secession) in the Olympics competing in 50 km Race Walking…..
Nerf Herder
Perpetually tries to make himself unnecessary and apparently unsuccessful. Loves to tinker with home automation and play MMORPGs. Wishes he did not have golden (or big) ears.
Code Monkey
Avid tea drinker and Pokémon master that teaches college programming classes for a +5 bonus to his public speaking skills. Loves playing board games with friends and spending time with his geeky pink-haired girlfriend. Is thinking about getting metal legs. It's a risky operation, but it'll be worth it.