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Above Property believes strongly in working smart.

Above Property® is a cloud-based travel software company, with deep knowledge of hotel technologies. Above Property was formed in 2013 to create the new standard for speed, flexibility and stability for hospitality CRS (Central Reservation System) solutions.

Our roots in hospitality software go back to 1992 and the Executive Technologies Gold One Central Reservation and Call Center software. The company founder and many key employees have been working together for decades, the systems they have written are in use all over the world.

Our Technology Philosophy dictates using the very latest technology, software development tools and methods to ensure the most cutting edge products.

  • Experience

    Decades in the trenches.

  • Agile

    The performance standard.

  • Fast

    Small innovative teams.

  • Creative

    Our life blood.

Management Team

Experienced leaders!
Aaron Shepherd
Geek from way back (before geeks were cool), loves Latte’s and all things sci-fi. Torn between Star Trek, Star Wars, and LOTR… Loves to spend time with his family, reading, and true to his geek roots, programming is his main hobby and passion.
Don Collins
Loves his family, Springsteen, all things baseball, Starbucks, and bacon. Starting to enjoy Country music but will deny it.
Steve Lapekas
Loves long walks on the beach, romantic novels, and spending time with his family. Curveballs curve because of magic. Believes the Whatchamacallit is the best candy bar ever invented. Buys Girl Scout Thin Mints by the case. Future plans include representing the Country of Texas (post secession) in the Olympics competing in 50 km Race Walking…..
Tim Kieschnick
Perpetually tries to make himself unnecessary and apparently unsuccessful. Loves to tinker with home automation and play MMORPGs. Wishes he did not have golden (or big) ears.

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